About me

Suyash Pradhan is a first year Ph.D student in Computer Engineering at Northeastern University. He works as a Research Assistant under the guidance of Professor Kaushik Chowdhury in GENESYS Lab. My research revolves around exploring the bidirectional relationship between Machine Learning and Next Generation (5G / 6G) Wireless Communication Systems.

Research Focus

  • ML for Wireless and Wireless for ML - Federeated Learning for Channel Estimation, Over-the-Air Compute for commmunication-effective Federated Learning, Connecting 5-G communication modules with suitable Deep Learning counterparts and testing the end-to-end pipeline
  • Digital Twins for V2X networks : Emulation of autonomous car environment to generate synthetic image and LiDAR samples, Ray Tracing to model propagation effects, Sim2Real Domain Adaptation
  • Sensing and AI for connectivity in self-driving cars : Multimodal Data Fusion and Co-operative Perception to improve V2X connectivity